I am a Realtor in Toronto. I love to help my clients discover the value of quality of life choices related to coosing the right neighbourhood, home or real estate investment.

I write and speak about the nexus of Sustainability and Real Estate. My expertise is partly derrived from my volunteer work as President of the Board of Directors of LEAF, working with governments on energy ratings in homes, and educting the real estate industry about renewable energy and climate change.

I value living locally and participating in my community. I am also a single dad who prides himself on teaching fearlessness to my kids. 

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Eco Profile: Green Real Estate Agent Chris Chopik 

Excerpt: Click Here for Complete Article by Jaclyn Law

Most of the year, Chris Chopik can be seen cruising around on his distinctive neon-green Strida, meeting clients at properties around Toronto. By going car-free, he says, he saves nearly five tonnes of CO2 a year. "It may seem weird, but…it's been very positive despite the logistical challenges. When you're in a car, you don't really experience neighbourhoods—the smell of the air and the demeanour of the people—in the same way. I say that house-hunting, like life, is better by bike, and I believe that. I love working with people in the context of real estate, but not if we have to do it in an SUV and drive up to [the distant] suburbs.”

Chopik encourages colleagues to find something they're passionate about—whether it's greener gardening, eco-technology or non-toxic playgrounds—and turning it into a vehicle for connecting with people. “Pick the thing you really like and use that as your wedge and go for it.”

When working with clients, Chopik seeks homes that reduce their transportation time. “Quality of life matters. If you're spending an hour each way commuting to work, that's 10 hours a week, or six weeks every year, spent sitting in your car, and in my view, that sucks.” (When snow forces him to leave his bike at home, Chopik depends on public transit and occasionally AutoShare, a car-sharing program.)


Think Profitably About Real Estate 

Chris Chopik is known as a sought after expert, writer & speaker on green business and real estate issues. Chris is a Toronto based Realtor working with clients in Toronto neighbourhoods, including Leslieville, Parkdale, Cedarvale the urban neighbourhoods in between.

Chris collaborates with a broad network of green real estate agents in Canada and the US who understand the unique interests of clients who are looking to buy or sell sustainable real estate. Chris uses a unique process that helps clients recover time and money through real estate.

"My business is helping you achieving a quality of life objective though real estate. Making good decisions based on experienced advice that you can trust is a cornerstone of my service."

Chris is a tireless advocate for time of sale home energy labeling, Safe Streets for all users, Urban Forest issues, Renewable Energy and Quality of Life.

When teaching at the Toronto Real Estate Board Chris encourages his fellow Realtors to become "agents of change", by communicating that "future friendly houses are worth more", printing on FSC and post consumer recycled paper and becoming Climate Friendly Agents™.

Chris has served as a volunteer on several boards and advisory committees including NRCan ERS Secretariat - Delivery Subcommittee. LEAF (Local Enhancement and Appreciation of Forests), Toronto Real Estate Board Inaugural Green Task Force, Green Enterprise Ontario (GET), Conservation Council of Ontario, West Toronto Initiative for Solar Energy, Toronto Solar Round Table, Green Neighbours Community Action in Ward 21, Power To Choose, Pledge To Green, Green Energy Act Alliance Member, Producer of the Strawberries and Asparagus Festival and Toronto Green Award Judge.